How to reduce energy bills by using Christmas light swaps that ‘last year after year’ |

2022-11-30 15:36:01 By : Ms. Helen Lee

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With energy costs soaring, the traditional sight of houses adorned with eye-catching Christmas lights might be more scarce across the 2022 festive period. For many, the high cost of electricity makes decorating for Christmas a pricey decision. However, Connor Campbell, an expert at NerdWallet doesn’t want the joy and excitement of Christmas to be zapped away. So, Connor has shared his top tips for energy-saving Christmas light alternatives to use this year to bring down energy bills. Led Sports Lighting

How to reduce energy bills by using Christmas light swaps that ‘last year after year’ |

Traditional Christmas lights, such as coloured tree lights, are usually made with incandescent bulbs. 

Whilst these bulbs may be popular at this time of year, they are “extremely inefficient”, according to the expert.

Connor explained: “Only 10 percent of the energy the bulbs consume create light, the other 90 percent is wasted as heat.

“In comparison, LED lights are much more efficient and uses 90 percent less energy when running.”

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On top of this, the pro stated that LED bulbs have “a much longer life”, so households will just need one set of them and the lights can “last year after year”, saving them money on replacements too.

Households that have stashes of batteries hidden in drawers, then they should definitely make use of them for Christmas lights.

Using battery powered lights means that electricity from the mains power supply isn’t being used.

Plus, if households use LED battery powered lights, “they will last longer than incandescent lights, saving you money on batteries in the long run”, claimed Connor.

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Battery powered lights are much more convenient for decorating too, especially if you’re using them outdoors. 

Households can have more decorative freedom since they don’t have to worry about connecting the lights to the mains somewhere.

Solar powered Christmas lights are a great alternative that’s good for the environment. They will help reduce your carbon footprint, without taking away from the festive display. 

The use of these lights will also “use less energy, produce less heat, charge more rapidly, and last longer than incandescent bulbs”, according to the expert.

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Solar Christmas lights work best when the charging panel is positioned in a sunny spot. 

During the winter weather while solar lights are in place, it's important to wipe away snow and debris from the top of the solar panel to ensure the Christmas lights are charging. 

Whilst a candle wouldn’t work for outdoor light displays, a Christmas candle display on the windowsill can be really eye-catching to people passing by. 

Connor explained: “Not only does this use no energy, but they look beautiful indoors too. You can even make use of scented candles to make the room smell festive.”

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However, be careful where candles are being placed. Don’t put them near flammable materials and ensure they’re held in place, so they don’t fall and set something on fire.

Whilst lights are always lovely to look at during the night time, there are many other alternatives to lights that will still make your garden look festive and eye-catching during the day. 

The expert suggested: “Decorations such as door wreaths, outdoor Christmas trees or tinsel can really add a festive flare to the garden.”

Along with investing in energy saving Christmas lights, a great way to reduce costs this winter is to ensure that decorations are only on when necessary or visible.

How to reduce energy bills by using Christmas light swaps that ‘last year after year’ |

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