Best handheld fans list: The portable fans to keep you cool this summer -

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We've finally rolled into summer after a wet and wild year of weather, and we're now feeling the heat (and humidity). Wearing shorts and sticking to shady spots can only keep you cool for so long. Air Purifier

Best handheld fans list: The portable fans to keep you cool this summer -

An alternative is grabbing a portable fan and making it your go-to accessory of the season. They're often cheap, easy-to-use and will keep you cool while the rest of them swelter. We've rounded up some of the best, and easy-to-carry, portable fans worth buying.

So chill out and have a browse. 

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If you need to stay cool but have your hands full most of the time, this one's for you. This mini fan can clip on to baby prams, bikes, treadmills – almost anything that's in front of you. It has a four-speed setting and can last between 10 to 40 hours depending on the setting. Not only does it clip on, but it can stand and hang, so no matter what your surroundings, you can keep cool. 

The biggest draw card to this JisuLife Mini Pocket Fan is its battery life. It takes up to three hours to fully charge and can last 20 hours without needing another. It has three wind speeds to keep you cool operated all by the touch of a button. It's also easy to clean with a detachable cover. 

The Kensuka Handheld Fan has a patented design to keep you cool and calm. It uses an airflow design similar to that of the aircraft engine that gathers wind and produces cold air. It can also be opened to add a scent of perfume to create the aromatherapy. It has three wind speed options and can last for up to five hours. 

This fan fits in the palm of your hand, but has an impressive cooling effect. It can cool down the air by up to five-degrees by using water vapours. Simply open the device, wet the internal sponge, and the water will create the cooler air. The device itself is not waterproof, so it is advised only the internal sponge come in contact with water. It also comes with a lanyard to hang around your neck for direct cooling to your face. 

With 78 air outlets, this headphone-shaped neck fan cools the entire face. It has three speed settings and can operate between four to 16 hours. It has a modified operating system that reduces sound (only creating up to 25 decibels worth) so having it so close to your ears won't be a problem. There's also no blades, so no worries about getting your hair caught either!

This fan option is for someone who is trying to be a bit more discrete about staying cool. Shaped like a perfume bottles, no one will know you're simply cooling yourself down. It weighs 125 grams and only reaches a sound of 24 decibels. It has three speed settings and can last up to six hours on a single charge.

Small enough to earn the title of an 'eyelash fan', this fan weighs only 68 grams and is smaller than an iPhone 8, making it easy to take along with you. It has two speed settings and can last up to two hours on a single charge. 

It has three adjustable speed settings as well as LED lighting on the bear's face (AKA, the fan itself) to make it that extra special. Each speed setting has its own approximate run time – up to 14 hours on the low setting, seven hours on the medium setting and five hours on the high setting. 

This fan has two blades that can rotate 360-degrees so you can angle the fans just the way you like. It has a battery life of up to six hours and is charged by a USB.

This Foldable Reixuier fan is great for the person who can't put down their phone. It easily clips onto the device so they can continue texting, playing games or watching movies and get that nice breeze too. It has three wind settings and can last up to 12 hours on a single charge. 

These fans are cute to look at, fun for kids to use and will cool them down two. They're a great option for a long car ride, or even for a party bag addition for summer birthday parties.

Double the fan means double the cooling. This dual head fan only creates up to 26 decibels of noise, and has two wind speeds. The low setting lasts for up to seven hours and the high setting lasts for up to three hours. 

The Slenpet Waist Clip Fan works a little differently to other portable fans. Instead of just cooling one area, like the face or neck, this fan can help cool the entire body. It clips on to the waist and blows cool air up the user's clothes to cool the body. It has three wind speed options and can last for up to 23 hours, while taking up to four hours to completely charge. 

Sometimes the traditional items are the best. Get back to basics with this bamboo fabric fan.

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Best handheld fans list: The portable fans to keep you cool this summer -

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